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Our accountants will always look for opportunities to grow your business.

We are known for our

Fiscal support

Our accountancy firm will assist you in all your fiscal obligations, fiscal administration and tax compliances. 


IT & Security

Our professionals will help secure your company. For example by improving the internet security and privacy.

Strategic consultancy

The financial experts of JOINSON&SPICE consult companies to improve their business strategy, incorporation and restructuring!


Annual accounts

Our accountancy firm assists you with the compilation of your annual reports, internal periodical reports and external reports.


JOINSON&SPICE provides both statutory and voluntary audits and other audits like subsidy schemes.  



Our accountants will provide support with your financial requests, subventions and refunding/refinancing. 

We specialize in tech

Within the sub-sector Technology we help data centers, hosting providers, software providers, system integrators, cloud providers and online retailers with important decisions.

As a technology company you need to continually innovate and efficiently respond to rapid technological innovations. But you also have to deal with investment models, privacy issues, shifting task views of customers, complex security, dominant global players, increase of PUE standards, certifications and changing business models.

With our knowledge and expert view on finance, our accountancy firm helps you make decisions that really add value!

Frequently asked questions

Take a look at our frequently asked questions. And if you did not find the answer you were looking for: do not hesitate to contact us! 

What kind of licenses does JOINSON&SPICE have and what do they stand for?

 Since April 2014 we have the license to perform Statutory audits. This means that our accountancy firm meets the stringent requirements set out in the Audit Firms Supervision Act and the accompanying other laws, decrees and regulations.

Our files can be periodically reviewed by the AFM or by the NBA. In addition, our chartered auditors are registered with the NBA and therefore subject to the various requirements of professional competence and professional ethics.

Why do I need auditors that are specialized in Technology?

JOINSON&SPICE is an accountancy firm that consists of people who know a lot about the companies they work for. This provides professional curiosity that makes a difference. We don’t just do our job but are really involved.

We know the ropes: know the particular risks, know what needs extra attention. We understand the strategy (and sometimes we don’t) of our customers a little faster and we can brainstorm at the highest level. As a result, we are valued by our customers.

    Is your audit approach special?


    Good thinking in the design of audits combined with optimal use of IT leads to better and, moreover, time efficient audits. Therefore, our accountancy firm has chosen highly educated employees in small teams, supported by a proprietary audit approach, entirely in the cloud, so that we can quickly and efficiently dispose of our data. We are maximizing the reuse of stored data, so we don’t have to bother our clients with unnecessary requests for documents.

    Our audit approach is characterized by:

    • Efficient proceedings
    • Reduction of waste (LEAN)
    • High added value
    • Job satisfaction

    Do you also offer accounting services?

    Yes! We would like nothing more because we have the knowledge and we like to help our customers. But our methods are very modern: everything in the cloud, real time and optimally equipped. We don’t believe in the shoebox anymore (although we like to help you clean it out).

    We strive to minimize our commitment. We occasionally send an invoice, but we are convinced that in many cases the accounting system can better be conducted in house. Of course we are watching along..

    How independent are you?

    Our accountancy firm only wants the best for our clients. Therefore, we turn away from mandatory truck system and loss of focus.

    That gives us space to do better what we are good at and to involve a strong network of appropriate specialists in other fields. This way, we are assured the requests for advice are dealt with appropriately. A true 3.0 way of working.


      What is your revenue model?


      Wow, tough question for a short answer, but we’re going to try! First of all, because we know our social responsibility the auditors at JOINSON&SPICE never have a salary that exceeds the Balkenendenorm. Furthermore, we have a natural urge to do our work with passion and knowledge. As a part of that, content comes first, even in the composition of teams. We make sure the people we send to our customers are well and relatively highly educated. As a consequence it can be the case that we, as qualified auditors, sometimes do more work instead of immediately letting cheaper assistants do it.

      Another consequence is that we do more thinking. We don’t just sign things, we really check them. A result of this is that our cost ratio is slightly different from other companies. Fortunately we solved this by cleverly organizing our assignments in a way that we minimize the waste in processes between customer and auditor with LEAN management techniques. So:


          • Teams who are relatively highly occupied
          • High costumer involvement
          • Lower leverage
          • Smart organization

      Are auditors still allowed to give advice?

      As a consultant the auditor seems the Great Absentee. Especially according to public opinion. At the same time it is an asset that the auditor never has to review his own work. An example: it is not possible to consult on the purchase price of a company to be acquired and subsequently make a statement in the statutory audit on the value of the acquisition. However, there is still a lot that is possible and it is innate to the employees of JOINSON&SPICE to share our experience and insights. Moreover, public interest entities (such as stock exchange securities) are strictly regulated and a lot is prohibited where with all other statutory or voluntary audits or other assurance tasks many forms of counseling are not only allowed but sometimes even very desirable.

      Some examples of consultancy that are possible:

      • Assistance in the preparation of the annual accounts and the statutory or voluntary audit
      • Advisory services relating to the audit on many subjects. For example the annual management letter on internal control or the audit report. But also about the many conversations taking place at the highest level. With management and board of supervisory directors.
      • Help with funding applications.
      • Preparation for the sale of a company.
      • Monitoring of grant statements in combination with a compilation assignment or a statutory or voluntary audit.

      Examples of prohibited concurrence:

      • Valuation assignments in statutory or voluntary audits.
      • Some tax advice is inconsistent with an independent role as auditor.

      In all cases, auditors are trained to avoid these types of concurrence. If necessary, referral to other professionals is a possibility. The systems of JOINSON&SPICE are in accordance with the requirements to make the independence issues as seen above visible when accepting assignments.

      Aren’t you kind of a small business…?

      An auditor has a familiar face and knows the customer. Auditors joining efforts makes sense: the world is complex and together you stand stronger. But at JOINSON&SPICE we don’t think bigger is better, we prefer to say better is bigger. A small network with the best specialists in close proximity is just as effective because everybody is inclined to do the best.

      Our accountancy firm is built on modern insights: the network economy is growing steadily, and we think this development is the future. And later on? We have only just started and will continue to grow, but we stick to our core business. No adjacent services but real focus on what we do best: “audit and accounting with and for Tech-companies”. Fortunately not only our customers, but also banks, lawyers and notaries see the adventages of our data-driven approach.

      Enthusiastic? Let’s meet over coffee in our inspiring office at Kraanspoor in Amsterdam-Noord!

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