Accountants specialized in Tech

Tech companies are the specialization of JOINSON&SPICE.
So, are you ready for an auditor with expert sector knowledge?


Technology is our passion

JOINSON&SPICE is a young accountancy firm, specialized in Technology. Our team varies from young post-graduates to experienced chartered accountants (in Dutch: RA) and accounting consultants (AA).

The thing that brings us together: a passion for Tech-companies.

Adding value

tech specialized accountants

Within the sub-sector Technology we help data centers, hosting providers, software providers, system integrators, cloud providers and online retailers with important decisions.

As a technology company you need to continually innovate and efficiently respond to rapid innovations. But you also have to deal with investment models, privacy issues, shifting task views of customers, complex security, dominant global players, increase of PUE standards, certifications and changing business models. 

With our knowledge and expert view on finance, we help you make decisions that add value.

tech specialized accountants

We believe in equal partnership

With years of knowledge and experience and our genuine interest, we like to engage in good dialogue with our clients. Sometimes about the children, but especially about the growth and potential of your company.

We believe in an equal partnership where sharing knowledge is paramount. This way you keep in control of your own business and we make sure we focus on the right topics.

How we make your company grow


Step 1

We schedule a first meeting to discuss all possibilities, your wishes and needs.


Step 2

Our auditors will visit your company for a professional audit.


Step 3

We discuss the results of the audits and the derived opportunities.


Step 4

We advise and guide you where needed.

Our way of working

We listen to you

We believe that listening to you will help us do a better job. In the end you are the expert of your company. Listening and communicating are the key to an equal and strong partnership.

Professional audit

 We’ll start by doing a professional audit at your company to discover new opportunities and improvements to make your company get better. It’s our mission to  grow your business.

Advising and more

With our knowledge and experience, our accountants and your point of contact will keep advising you and guiding you to reach your companies fullest growing potential. 

We sure think we know a lot about auditing, accounting and tech.
But you decide if we’re worth our salt!

We like to be challenged, so don’t hold back: how can we help?

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