Accounting Consultant (AA)

Are you a Executive Accounting Consultant (in Dutch: AA-accountant) with a deep understanding of accounting standards and broad advisory experience? Are you interested in having final responsibility and leading a small team to further shape our accounting department? Then look no further, JOINSON&SPICE might be the employer you have always dreamed of!


Innovative and experimental

At JOINSON&SPICE we live and breathe Technology. We clearly see the added value of tech and continuously seek a deep understanding of our Tech-clients. One of the main focusses in our accounting department is automation. Every day we ask ourselves; how can we be more efficient? Because of the high level of automation in our processes, we have the time and space to do what we do best; advise.

At JOINSON&SPICE, we do that together. And good to know; what you discover today, we might put in practice tomorrow!


Focus on personal growth

We are a small team with big dreams: No Big 4 mentality, no late working hours and we deeply value a healthy work/life balance (‘Being in balance’ is one of our core values for good reason)! Working at JOINSON&SPICE means you will have the responsibilities you deserve and can handle. We invest in our team because we believe in self- development and growth. Your development is an important part of your journey with us, we always encourage you to expand your knowledge by following courses and training-programs. We cover the costs of your education (for example: PE-activities).

Besides that we give you time and space to learn or improve your (programming)skills, together with a motivated and fast-learning team of experts!

When are we a match?

As our new Executive Accounting Consultant (AA) you will work with our tech-clients. You have final responsibility over our Accounting department. You thoroughly understand the businessmodels of our clients and you are very capable of finding your way within our clients automated processes. You have a data-first (if not data-only!) approach and in-depth knowledge of external reporting. You prepare the consolidated financial statements and take care of reports for regulatory bodies like the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) and Tax Authority (Belastingdienst). You help our clients taking their reportingstructures to a higher level with the use of automation. You will have autonomy and a large responsibility as you are in charge of our accounting team.

You love working in small teams!

Our team exists of 10 motivated professionals that are looking forward to welcoming you!

Ambitious mindset

Self-development is very important to you and to us. us and to you. We always encourage you to expand your knowledge by following courses and training-programs. You want to keep learning and are always challenging yourself!


Bachelor degree

You finished your masters degree and have got 7+ years of work experience in a similar (managing) role.


Working with huge piles of paper is not your thing

Instead you love to work in the cloud. Because in our paperless office in the iconic building Kraanspoor in Amsterdam Noord, we hardly ever print anything and automate as much as we can!


You are familair with the NV-COS legislation and easily find your way in Exact Online, Caseware and Elsevier Nextens.


Data skills

You are highly interested in IT and have know-how of automated processes and data analyses.


What we have to offer! 

We want our employees to be happy! That is why we offer you working conditions that suit the job. 


As Senior Accounting Consultant we offer you a salary between €5.500 – €7.500 gross salary per month based on a 40-hour work week. 

Time and space for self-development.

We offer you different ways and courses to continuously develop your knowledge and skills

Secondary working conditions

Laptop, phone, travel allowance, pension plan and 27 holidays per year, to name a few..!

A professional and motivated team

Where collegial involvement is key. Because, working is more fun when we do it together! 

Career path

At JOINSON&SPICE, we have all ingredients to continuously work on your personal development. You want to keep challenging yourself in the automated administration field.

You can help shape our innovations, get involved in client acquisition, improve automation processes, ensure optimal quality control and more. It all depens on what interests you!

Easy as 1.. 2.. 3..

Did we convince you to apply? Click the button below and send us your resume and cover letter. We will get back to you as soon as possible! Our team is looking forward to hearing from you.