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Our vacancies


Assistant Accountant

Did you just finish your relevant Bachelor or Masters study and are you ready to kickstart your professional adventure? 


Senior Assistant Accountant

Are you an experienced accountant whith an interest in Tech and the desire to become part of THE accountancy firm of the future?


Data Analyst

You. love. Data. And so do we!
Are you analytical and know all about Information Technology?

Accounting Consultant (AA-accountant)

Are you a born leader with a deep understanding of accounting standards? Can you lead our dedicated accounting team and further shape our accounting department?

IT Auditor

Full focus on the control and impact of IT-systems, -processes and -infrastructure on the operational processes of our clients.

Sounds interesting?


Located at Kraanspoor, Amsterdam

Currently 11 employees

60/40 male & female colleagues

Average age; 34 years old

We are diverse. Some of us have a background in Accounting and Finance, but also in Industrial Design, Media, IT, Hospitality and even Physiotherapy.

And this is why

There are plenty of jobs on offer… Employment benefits of many companies are great.

But, if you are looking for something more, something different, we are that firm for you! We promise.


Technology is changing the world we live in. We are very happy about these developments because we happen to LOVE tech ánd data.


We want you to take responsibility and we offer a lot of flexibility in return.

You decide your work hours and whether you work from home or at our new office in the stunning Kraanspoor-building near NDSM – Amsterdam-Noord (it’s true – goolge it!).


We strive for great quality. Not in giant leaps, but with small steps. A little bit better, every day. That is our road to success. We believe that details make the difference. And we do this together, as a team.

You will notice soon enough that at JOINSON&SPICE, we do thingst a little different from what you’re used to.  


We keep an ongoing conversation about your personal development and career-growth opportunities. Next to that, we find it only fair that there is a good balance between the efforts put into work and salary.


At JOINSON&SPICE, we offer a travel alloweance, state of the art laptop, a mobile phone subscription and we fully cover your pension plan. Not bad huh?


We innovate continuously. Every day, in everything we do. We believe it can be done differently. We do not just say this; we also show it. We genuinely aspire to understand our clients inside and out. We see it as our mission to continuously challenge ourselves and each other to stay informed about the developments around us. Through studies (RA or AA), trainings, our own monthly J&S University sessions, literature and the world wide web. It’s our path to continuous innovation.


Our clients are start- and scale ups of the Tech-sector to keep an eye on. They evolve and grow fast, and we grow with them! This means you can learn something new every day.


JOINSON&SPICE is different. Young, enthusiastic and honest. Oh, and a little nerdy with a passion for technology!

Innovative and experimental

We have said it before; Technology cannot be ignored anymore. It is changing society. It also has a great impact on the Accountancy industry. Some companies seem hesitant whether or not to embrace the possibilities that technology brings…

Not us! At JOINSON&SPICE we live and breathe Technology. We clearly see the added value and continuously seek understanding of our Tech-clients. We experiment with robotic accounting, automated auditing, continuous monitoring and data-analyses. At JOINSON&SPICE, we all do that together. And good to know; what you discover today, we might put in practice tomorrow!

Focus on personal development

We are a small office: No Big 4 mentality, no late working hours and we deeply value a healthy work/life balance (‘Being in balance’ is one of our core values for good reason)! Working at JOINSON&SPICE means you will have the responsibilities you deserve and can handle. We invest in our team because we believe in self- development and growth. Your development is an important part of your journey with us, we encourage you to expand your knowledge by following courses and training-programs. We have a Training & Development budget for all employees.

Besides that we give you time and space to learn or improve your (programming)skills, together with a motivated and fast-learning team of experts!

Excited to work at the accountancy firm of the future?!
Then YOU are the person we are looking for…

Enthusiastic? Let’s get together and have a coffee at our inspiring office in Kraanspoor in Amsterdam-Noord!

We hope to see you soon.

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